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The committee on Committee on Culture, Social Services and Gender is established pursuant to the provisions of standing order No. 190.


All matters related to Cultural activities, public entertainment and public amenities, including betting, casinos and other forms of gambling,  racing, liquor licensing, cinemas, video shows and hiring, libraries, museums, sports and cultural activities and facilities and county parks, beaches and recreation facilities, control of drugs and pornography.

Committee Subjects

The County Department on Culture, Social Services and Gender


 1   Hon. Leshipayo Joseph Koris Chairperson
 2  Hon. Zamzam Ismail Vice Chairperson
 3  Hon. Roseline Leasaibile MCA
 4  Hon. Osman Adan Dube MCA
 5  Hon. Josphine Kundera Lesilampa MCA
 6  Hon. Lesiyampe Leteipan Edwin MCA
 7  Hon. Lanyasunya Adamson L. MCA