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The Committee on Budget and Appropriation is established pursuant to the provisions of standing order No. 185.

The functions of the Committee shall be to-

(a) investigate, inquire into and report on all matters related to coordination, control and monitoring of the of the county budget,

(b) discuss and review the estimates and make recommendations to the County Assembly;

(c) examine the County Budget Policy Statement presented to the County Assembly;

(d) examine Bills related to the national budget, including Appropriations Bills;and

(e) evaluate tax estimates, economic and budgetary policies and programmes with direct budget outlays.

Committee Subjects

All the county government departments 


 1   Hon. Lempei Peter L Chairperson
 2  Hon. Benjamin Leitore Vice Chairperson
 3  Hon. Lanyasunya Adamson L. MCA
 4  Hon. Lesoipa Nankini Shadrack MCA
 5  Hon. Antonela Lobura MCA
 6  Hon. Lenkirasi Doris Seeto MCA
 7  Hon. Leshoomo Jerias MCA